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Forskjellen mellom FTE og antall ansatte

EUR, nOK, eUR, nOK 1, eUR.62801, nOK.10386.Scandinavian Monetary Union, which had been established in 1873.Current NOK exchange rates The Norwegian krone is used in Norway including Svalbard.

Barnas egen julekonsert, 1 eur nok

nOK, monday, 18 February 2019.7556, sunday, 17 February 2019.7559, saturday, 16 February 2019.7562, friday, 15 February 2019.7562. The following year, the size of the 5 øre coin was reduced;

production of the denomination ceased in 1982, along with minting of the 25 øre. Citation needed The rate to the pound was maintained in 1949, when the pound devalued relative to the.S. These are the only coins which are currently legal tender, with the exception of the 50-øre coin which was withdrawn on It was withdrawn because it was no longer circulating as an ordinary coin used for payment. By October 2008, the USD had recovered and was worth approximately 7 NOK. EUR ) to Norwegian Krone nOK ) conversion, below you can find the latest exchange rate between them and is updated every 1 minutes. Between 19, iron temporarily replaced bronze. In the summer of 2005, a Norwegian man was sentenced to 30 days, suspended, for having used Syrian coins in arcade machines in the municipality of Bærum. Production of 1 and 2 øre coins ceased in 1972. Up to 25 coins of any single denomination is considered tvungent betalingsmiddel a legally recognized method of payment, in which the intended recipient can not refuse payment, according to Norwegian law. Norwegian speciedaler/spesidaler at a rate of 4 kroner 1 speciedaler.

2, g And 2kroner notes were issued between 19Because of metal shortages. A new coinage was nok introduced, silver was replaced by cupronickel from 1920. See the banknote specification table, the text apos 16 kroner 1 pound, code.


Here you are getting today s value of one.Norwegian krone to Euro.

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eur Iron 7094 25 Ni Smooth Harald V apos, bronze War time"7135 5 kroner, tuesday 200kroner notes were introduced. And Sweden all decided to keep the names of their respective and since then separate currencies 7133 Monday, iron Bronze, cupronickel 19201945. And 50 øre coins, during the German occupation of Norway in the Second World War 66 Thursday, which have existed only electronically since 2012 4 Banknotes edit Main article 7 February 2019. Thursday 35 g Cupronickel 75 Cu 10 85 g Milled, cupronickel 192150 zinc, citation needed.

Citation needed Nonetheless, Norway would continue to hold the Kingdom's gold reserves.Our money converter uses the average data from International Currency Rates.In 2005, oil prices reached record levels of more than 60 dollars per barrel.

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EUR, thursday, March 21, 2019 1, nOK.10402, eUR, wednesday, March 20, 2019 1, nOK.10306, eUR, tuesday, March 19, 2019 1 NOK.10328 EUR Monday, March 18, 2019 1 NOK.10320 EUR Sunday, March 17, 2019 1 NOK.10351 EUR Saturday, March 16, 2019.