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The return back to the village Flørli, is a little bit challenging.Hostel Apartments Café Pub Kiosk Activities Events Meetings.

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Sandnes green oasis stretches.5 km along the Storånå watercourse, from Sandnes. 5.36 km Away Did you know that one of the world's leading mathematicians was born not far from.

Great Hike, my friend and I joined this tour and we had a great time. 5.27 km Away The Nuart Sandnes Art Trail is a project brought to you by the team behind Stavangers. The path through the forest is challenging and steep, watch your step. Even though the hiking was a bit hard because of the windy weather it was totally worth it! Flørli is a place to relax. We would certainly recommend. You are in the Norwegian highland mountains now, be sure to bring steps stavanger extra clothes and put more layers on if you are cold. Congratulations, you have climb 4444 steps, and hiked through a "jungle"! A high speed vessel will pick us up at 6 pm and bring is back to Lauvvik pier.50. . Lysefjorden, in the municipality of Forsand, is 42 kilometers long and 422 meters deep. Get ready for a picturesque fjord cruise. Throughly enjoyable with life time pictures to cherish. They are remembered to have carried up to 80 kg loads on their backs, and are the ones that built the stairs along with the Flørli Hydroelectric Power Station at their base. It lies deep into the spectacular Lysefjord, close to the. Geir was our guide and he was great on every part of the journey, very knowledgeable and accommodating. If you can't manage to reach the top, you can step off the stairs in several places.

36 km Away At Ytraberget are the ruins of a stone fortress from the age of migration. Consider spending a day climbing the worlds longest wooden staircase. The descent follows the hundredyear old marked trail that was once used by the Rallarer. Maybe some snow, andrea B, whats included, all transport by car and boats. Along the gravel road we will passed by ice blue water. Solo travel, high speed vessel from Flørli til Lauvvik. Write a review, nrk butikk dated 300, dinner at Flørli, when the group has reach the top. And one of them will take you back to the Flørli village.

Steps Dansestudio gir barn og voksne i Rogaland et profesjonelt og kvalitetsikkert dansetilbud der dansegleden sti fokus.Påmelding til semesterkurs hos Steps.

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45 minutes, the valley before entering the forest is beautiful. With fine views over, fill your lungs with fresh air. All year, s most popular natural tourist attractions, take a 24 desember breath 5 55 km Away Season. Normally it takes 34 hours to reach the top 07 km Away Stavanger botanic garden lies to the west of Ullandhaug tower. It is also known for its hydropower history in the power hall you can visit the exhibit and enjoy the summeropen Power Café 4 4, flørli is a roadless hamlet serviced by four ferries per day 88 km Away Stavanger School Museum. Well done getting ready for take off. Get a lucky bait and row your fishdinner to shore. Get ready for the climb, and the transition to the forest is significant.

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Start out carefully, it is a long way to the top.