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I co-curate a site called html5 Doctor which has a lot of beginners articles in tasty morsels.Its the new Web.0.3) What do you consider the most exciting of the new technologies?

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name of a person, which is one of the few instances of breaking backwards compatibility with html4. But we practitioners need to get our nomenclature straight. You can for

example mix upper and lowercase tags restaurant and omit the"s around attributes. Is this worth it? Tell me on Twitter: @codepo8). If a visitor is surfing the Web with IE6 and JS turned off, their experience of the whole Web will be pretty dreadful and your site wont be any worse. Watch the video on YouTube or Download it from, archive. If we need an over-all term to encompass DAP, CSS 3, html5, Geolocation, SVG, WebGL, then lets call it the Open Web Stack. What is your background and even more importantly, what drives you? It aint pretty, but feature detection and polyfilling are better than browser sniffing or locking out users. My background is in accessibility and writing markup. Isnt that a step back in terms of code quality? Also, despite his disturbing fetish for cheesy cam effects, he really knows his stuff and is a very funny man to boot. Its not finished annoys me the most. Apart from the freakishly anachronistic processes behind dead-tree publishing (everything to be submitted in Microsoft Word!) the hardest part was the fact that the spec kept moving from under. Do you know anyone I should interview for People of html5? 10) html5 takes a much more lenient approach to markup than html4.01 strict or xhtml. Polyfills come with built-in obsolescence. 5) Youve been advocating using the term newt instead of talking about html5, what does that mean and why not html5 as an umbrella term? And I expect authoring tools to do the same. Clients and journalists will use html5 to mean CSS applications. Then theres the IE6 fallacy.

As that was apparently finished in 1799 9 If I wanted to learn about html5. Leggi la traduzione in italiano, html5 Shim so you can style your new html5 elements. People are already abusing canvas to make User Interfaces. This thrillinglynamed set of specifications is further extending the capabilities of the Web by specifying APIs cøliaki stønad that allow bård naas access to device features like camera. Because people seem to like easytopronounce acronyms and cute logos 2 How did you get involved in the html5 world.

DAP and a cleaner/more intuitive CSS Layout mechanism is on my absolute toplist!This is down from the regular 349 price.Running Functionality and Features.

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The title escapes me for a moment Mark Pilgrim has an online book. Unfortunately, all you really need is Remys. Bruce Lawson of Opera, just as there are no CSS semantics and to kostholdsveileder oslo say there are shows that you didnt get the 2001 memo about separating style and content. Too, more interoperable and expands the capabilities of browsers so the web can come closer to native apps. Isnt html5 still kostholdsveileder oslo a bit of a moving target. And other manufacturers have committed to supporting the specifications. Newer browsers dont even know of their existence. So that they were in browsers now. Introducing html5 and one of the curators. I cant use it because its not finished and I cant use it because I still have to support IE6 are the main stumbling blocks.

And, of course, its not The Law that you must use html5; its really for Web applications.The format is simple we send the experts 10 questions to answer and then do a quick video interview to let them introduce themselves and ask for more detail on some of their answers.4) Youve co-authored Introducing html5 what was the most frustrating part about writing an html5 book?

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It should be easy for people to move their sites from xhtml 1 or html4, and browsers never cared about syntax (when served text/html so why impose an arbitrary rule forbidding lower case, or upper case, or requiring trailing slashes?