Teaching your chidren

Teaching your chidren to read exposes them to more opportunities in life. They can go anywhere and do anything when they are engrossed in reading books. But in today’s age of iphones and video games usually the last thing our kids want to do is to learn to read. However, you can overcome your child’s disdain of learning with some fun and simple tricks. Implement some of these tips on a regular basis will start your kids down the path of learning and they’ll be reading in no time.

Example Is Better Than Preaching

You cannot expect your children to love something that you personally dislike.Yes, your kids are more perceptive than you might believe!. If you desire your kids to be prolific readers you have to be one too. It may be books, magazines, or even lovely coffee table books full of pictures. Just let them see you reading and try to read often together. Commercial Sausage Stuffer, western shirts, Help Desk Software

Reading to Your Children

Kids love being read aloud to. Cuddling up on the couch with a good book is a wonderful way to spend time with your child. Even older children like to be read to, especially while they are involved in other hands-on type activities.

Create A Reading Environment

Make a reading corner in your house.You can create a specific theme also. Fix up a comfortable location with beanbag chairs, or a large overstuffed pillow, a small bookcase. You won’t have to look far when they get quiet to find them.Encouraging them to read will also significantlyreduce the noise level in your home! Once they start using the place, you may find that your home is a lot quieter too!

Scatter Books Around the House

Always Leave books lying around. Place books in the bathroom, on their nightstands, in the living room and even in the kitchen. When they are bored they will pick them up out of curiosity.

Use a Library Card

Get them their own library card. Children love having their own library cards and checking out books they choose, on their own.

Got to the Library Often

Visit the library often. Schedule a regular library day, and just let them sit and read for a while in the library. Take advantage of your local library’s programs, such as story times, to help capture a child’s interest in books.Of course, if they see you doing the same, it will reinforce this habit.

Throw Out Book Teasers

Drop tantalizing hints about a book. Start reading one yourself that your children might like and “share” some tempting tidbits. When they want to know what happens – say , “Oh you will have to read it for yourself, you won’t believe it!”

Watch The Movie First

Watch a movie about a book. Then say, “I wonder how close that was to the book? Maybe we should read that.”

Make Your Own Books

Let them make their own books. Younger children especially love this. Something as simple as plain paper stapled together becomes a timeless treasure when they write their own stories. Let younger children tell you the story and you write it out and they illustrate it. And if they’re really good, you might be able to make a quick buck or two.